• Bishop james ray taylor

    senior pastor

    Licensed at the age of nine, ordained at the age of sixteen and installed to the pastorate at eighteen, James Ray Taylor was born for ministry. Now with over a decade of multi-context pastoral leadership to his credit, as a preacher, teacher, worship leader and author, James is poised to see God’s kingdom come. Under the tutelage of the late, Reverend Dr. Joseph Lee, Jr, James has developed a great love for the church and her preservation. Through the achievement of a bachelors of Theology, Masters in Religious Eduction and Masters in Sacred Studies, James has been tooled with the necessary resources to see to the church’s progression. Having led multiple congregations through leadership transitions and laity/leadership discord, James has gained the experience to defend the church and lead her towards unity, which has led to him being consecrated as Bishop in the Lord’s Church. With the help of his wife, the lovely Karen Taylor, this couple sets a holy and holistic example of balanced Christian family life. By the grace of God James and Karen are rearing their family while raising up a people to the glory of God. 

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  • pastor karen taylor

    Pastor Karen D. Taylor is a daughter of the most high God that’s poised to please her Father. She stands faithfully at the side of her husband, Bishop James Ray Taylor as he leads the Heavenly Vision Church, in Los Angeles, California. “Lady Kay” as she is affectionately known as, is a loving and admirable mother to her four children, Kione, Joey, Katelyn and Kristy. Having been reared in the church her whole life, Karen has developed a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord that is evident to all who come in contact with her. While Karen is esteemed by those who are blessed to know her, she is firmly acquainted with her testimony and is transparent enough to share it to edify others and glorify God. 2015 is shaping up to be a year of destiny and manifestation for Karen. To date she has completed school of ministry courses, received her gospel ministry license and has started the “1st Ladies Communion”, which is a monthly gathering of women from all walks of life. Though this ministry outlet, Karen is transforming the meaning of a 1st lady from an ornamental figure to those who are first to seek God’s face for His favor for their families and their future. This young woman God is on fire and she will bring the light to this dark world.

  • Deacon Michael Howard

    Michael serves in leadership as the Arch-Deacon and campus controller here at Heavenly Vision Church.

  • deacon Deidre Howard

    Deidre Howard serves in leadership as the head of treasury and administration here at Heavenly Vision Church

  • Pastor Demarcus Johnson

    Demarcus serves in leadership as the Chairman of the Trustee Team here at Heavenly Vision Church.

  • Edler Tamiko Jackson

    Tamiko serves in leadership as the Overseer of Christian Education here at Heavenly Vision Church.

  • Elder Maurice Galloway

    Maurice serves in leadership as the Overseer of Hospitality here at Heavenly Vision Church.