Letter of Intent To Ordain

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! This letter has been composed to inform the leaders and members of the Heavenly Vision Church of my intention to render holy orders of Ordination upon DeMarcus Johnson, Kenna Pettaway and Karen Taylor. This intention has been reached after much prayer, council and consideration. After two years of examination by myself and other trusted saints, these three have been found faithful, fit and fortified in the Gospel and Christian service to the extent that it seems pleasing to the Holy Spirit to submit these ministers to the Holy Order. The Ordination of a minister signifies their accession in the grace of God as well as their total surrender to the custody of the Savior as prisoners of the Gospel and servants of the Church. The Word of God is clear to explain that the Elder is to be; above reproach, family oriented, morally excellent, attentive, compassionate and calculated in the care of Christ’s church (Titus 1:5- 9; I Peter 5:1–4; Acts 20:28–31; James 5:14 1 Corinthians 4:1,2). In the case of DeMarcus Johnson, Kenna Pettaway and Karen Taylor, I am convinced that they will be gifts the church and thrive as those who will give account for the grace of God. Should any reader or hearer of this official letter of intent see just cause for the disqualification of these three Ordination candidates, please submit your charge in written form to my care by Sunday, March 11th. God willing there be no just causes for disqualification and the approbation of the congregation is apparent, an ordination council of senior pastors will be convened on Sunday, March 25th. The purpose of the ordination council will be to privately examine the candidates and publicly charge and anoint them during our annual minister’s ceremony. May God be glorified as we endeavor to build, equip and unify His body.

From the Office of the Senior Pastor