We Are Officially Fasting Together

It feels so good to unite with you on this journey. Whether this is your first time fasting or you consistently take time to fast we are here. You are not alone. If at any time you have questions or need help feel free to contact us.  

Why are we fasting? We are fasting to seek God for more of Him. 

Things are nice but they are temporary. Eternity is what we are looking towards. Daily we will pray, study God's Word, and reflect on what He is speaking to us. 

There are a few ways that we are uniting to fast corporately.

Every day from January 2nd to January 9th we will share in morning prayer from 5:45am to 6:00am. The prayer line number is 774-220-4000 the access code is 24385.

Devotionals from Bishop James Ray Taylor will also be shared daily.

January 2nd, the fast will began with prayer and worship at 7pm. All are encouraged to come and bring family and friends for special uninterrupted time with God. 

January 9th, the fast will conclude with prayer and worship at 7pm. 

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from Bishop James Ray Taylor

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Refrain from all unnecessary media and idle communication i.e television, phone, etc. Whatever you do and however you do it make sure that God is your focus.

I Will Complete This Fast

Yes! Speak it. You will complete this fast! It may not always be easy but it will be worth it. Here are a few ways to fast.

  • Full Fast (highly encouraged)

    Water and clear supplement drinks only!

    This is the fast that we encourage everyone who is able to do. 

  • Partial Fast

    Water only from 6am-6pm.

    If you are unable to complete a full fast for medical or other reasons this is another way to unite with us in fasting.

  • Daniel Fast

    The Daniel Fast allows eating fruits, vegetables, and water. 

    Even though the ability to consume food it there do your best to remained focus on God.