Greater U

We all want to get to a greater place in life, but the reality is, greater is not a place, its a state of being thats supported by a standard of living. We will study steps that will elevate our standard of living and give definition to our greater "place" in life. 

  • A Place Called Greater

    Facilitated by Doctoral Candidate, Adrienne Hillard, we were guided through Session One: A Place Called Greater.

    The goals of the session include realization, recognition, reconciliation, removal, and pursuit.

    Session 1 Handout | Greater U Vision Board

  • Doing Greater

    Speaking "it" whatever your it is into existence is an awesome thing but the talk must be accompanied by action to truly carry weight.

    We have talked greater now it is time for us to do greater. In this session we determine our readiness for change and develop a blueprint for change.

    Session 2 Handout | Blueprint for Change