First Fruits At Heavenly Vision

Heavenly Vision is excited to announce our celebration of this joyful and prophetic festival of First Fruits during January, the first month of 2018! Heavenly Vision family is encouraged to participate in this First Fruits celebration by offering First Fruit seed offering of the new year. In doing so, you are proclaiming your reliance and thankfulness to God for His past provision, while establishing a mandated blessing of increase upon the remainder 2018, "the year of establishment".

What is First Fruits?

First Fruits is a biblical festival offered in celebration and recognition for God's hand of blessing and provision extended over His people (Leviticus 23:9-14). Also referred to as the Feast of Weeks in the Bible, First Fruits is recognized at the start of the Jewish religious calendar year. It has been practiced throughout Jesus' time and has continued into the present day.

The word First Fruits (bikkurim) in Hebrew  actually means "a promise to come" and is the most mentioned day in the Bible, except for Passover (Easter). The actual practice and celebration of First Fruits involved painstaking efforts and eager involvement of each household. In fact, the process of gathering the First Fruits required each family to carefully watch their fields. And, at the sight of the first budding fruit or grain, they would immediately "mark" each species of maturing fruit by tying a piece of red yarn around the branch, limb or vine; designating them as the first and most progressed in the growing process for the new year - first fruit sacrifice. 

Once the First Fruit crop has matured and was harvested, it was brought to the Temple, where the High Priest would accept their gift, and, lifting it above his head, wave the sacrifice before Jehovah in thanksgiving and recognition for His continued provision and blessing. It was only after this First Fruit sacrifice had been made that the people could consume the remainder of the harvest, because the First Fruit had sanctified the rest!

How To Participate

To join the corporate celebration of First Fruits with the entire congregation of Heavenly Vision, prayerfully prepare your First Fruits offering, and bring it to any of our worship experiences during the month of January. Opportunity will then be given for you and/or your family to place your First Fruits offering in the hands of our Pastor, as he, in obedience to Leviticus 23:9-14, lifts and waves your First Fruit offering before the Lord. In lifting your First Fruits to the Lord our Pastor will pray thanksgiving to God for His past provision, while requesting His abundant outpouring of blessing and favor over your spirit, health, family, and finances throughout 2017. For those who wish to do so, you may also present your First Fruits offering online by clicking the button below and your name will be given to the Bishop to pray over at the next corporate gathering.