Worship Services


Corporate Prayer Time starts at 10:00am

Service begins at 11:00am

Bible Study


Noon Day Bible Study at Noon

Tuesday Institute begins at 7:00 pm

Thought You Might Want To Know

Whenever going to a new place typically a few questions come to mind. What should I wear? Where do I sit? Can my family come? Here are a few tips that will helpfully make your experience great and allow you to focus on Jesus a little more. 

  • Family Friendly

    We have a host of ages of people weekly in our congregation. From babies and teens to young and seasoned adults expect to see a diverse group of people who learn and thrive from one another.

    So whether you are coming solo or with some friends and family you are welcomed.

  • Dress code

    There isn't one. 

    Come dressy, come casual, just come. 

    We do recommend that whatever you wear is comfortable and you feel free to move.