Invite Your Family and Friends

Allow the people you love to share in this moment. They are invited to join you on this journey of faith. If individuals want to record videos or take pictures there is a designated area to allow them the freedom to do so. 

Procedures For Baptism

Water baptism is by full immersion in water; 

please heed the following guidelines knowing you will be fully immersed in water:

Remember, some clothes (t-shirts, etc.) turn transparent when they get wet.


Undergarments are required (either a bathing suit or underclothes)

T-Shirt and shorts must be worn over undergarments.


T-Shirts are required.

Either shorts or swimming trunks can be worn.

Additional Things Needed

1. A towel to dry off

2. A Plastic Bag for your wet clothes

3. Additional change of clothes

If you have any additional questions feel free to email and we will be sure to respond promptly to questions, suggestions, or request. 

We at Heavenly Vision love you and are continuously praying for you.