We serve an amazing God that has shown us through a myriad of ways that He loves us, cares for us and most certainly provides for us. When we consider all that God is and what He does, as believers we should all ask ourselves the same question that King David asked in Psalm 116, "What shall I render to the LORD for all His benefits to me?" For us here at Heavenly Vision the answer is clear, we go "ALL IN". ALL IN is our commitment campaign that each member at Heavenly Vision is invited to engage in for the sake of deepening our commitment to Father God, and the fulfillment of Christ's vision for the Church. 

The Lord has given this church a vision to; reach, save, strengthen and mature, and in everything we do we are advancing towards that end. The ALL IN commitment encompasses three major areas; Pastoral Care, Service, and Generosity. 


    SERVICE is not just something we have on Sundays, it is what we do everyday. Here at Heavenly Vision there are various opportunities to serve within the ministry. We ask each member committed to ALL IN to engage in at least six(6) months of service. 

  • Pastoral care

    PASTORAL CARE is vital to the life of a believer, and it is our goal to ensure that every member is able to be cared for by our pastoral team. Submitting to pastoral care will afford each member with spiritual guidance for the various seasons of life as well as our systematic processes of discipleship. 


    GENEROSITY causes great things to happen. Here at Heavenly Vision we don't just give out of habit or to fulfill shallow purposes, we give in obedience to God's word and to see the vision of the church manifest. At present we are working towards building a community center that will include 51 units of permanent supportive housing. And if that were not enough we are also seeking a new worship location. To seek the great feats accomplished we are asking each member committed to ALL IN to engage in at least twelve(12) months of giving.