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A Place For You

Whenever you enter Heavenly Vision we hope that you feel God's presence and that we are a reflection of His love. Whether you are greeted by a friendly face with a warm hug, encouraged by the message, or uplifted by the fellowship this is a place with you in mind. Daily we seek God for ourselves and intercede on the behalf of you, yes you, the person reading this. 

You have purpose. You are here for a reason. We know and believe that. So we do our best to seek God to create an atmosphere, a place, just for you. A place where you can grow. A place where you can connect. A place where you can appreciate where you are while still pressing and be challenged to be who God has called you to be. 

If this resonated with you in any way then this is probably a place for you. Agree?

Yes, this is the place for me!

Our Vision

Reach. Save. Strengthen. Mature.

Reach through the love of God. Save through the blood of God. 

Strengthen through the Word of God. Mature through the Spirit of God.

There is a vision here and it keeps our view clear in how we serve God and people. 

We thank God for the members of Heavenly Vision and our community partners for empowering us to posture ourselves to serve.  

Come As You Are

Yes, come as your are. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Come with an open mind and heart to receive a smile, hug, and Word from the Lord. Our desire is to introduce you to Jesus and empower you with the tools to connect with him personally. 

We also would love to connect with you. Community is a big thing to us and we are intentional about doing life together. You are not alone. Whether you need a book buddy, prayer partner, or someone to tell you about meal planning we have a body of believers who are well rounded and contribute to one another's growth.

Join us for one our weekly gatherings.

I'm there!